ISF Cross country Sportlycée

Welcome on our  ISF Cross-Country Blog

We are happy to welcome all viewers and readers on our blog. In two days we will depart for the School World Championchips in Cross Country with our women's team. We are very much looking forward to represent our school and our country in Nairobi, KENYA following Sunday.

Qualification race 12th of October 2023

Thank you Sarah for helping out

We are Noa, Eve, Gina, Stella and Elena.


After qualifying we had a team meeting evaluating the cost and the criteria to able to start in the School World Championchips 

The girls were eager to start activities bringing financial support and Gina joined as a necessary fit member. They were present at evenings to ensure parents got something to eat and drink and regularly made pancakes for the others school members every other Thursday.

With the financial support of each of their hometowns, as well as the Luxembourgish track federation ( and the parents association and not to forget their parents, we were able to get the necessary budget. Thank you also to our school governance and administration which are supporting and helping very much.

Departure to Nairobi, Kenya.  (Thursday 9th of May)

The race for girls will be approximatively 3k and looks challenging. We are excited to start 

Lucky to have a great hotel. Have a view

Come back on Thursday for updates on our journey !!!!!